🥤 Save plastic by ordering your drink in the reusable Corfu Cup.

Photo of the Corfu Cup

How It Works

1. Rent the cup for 5 Euro.

2. Keep it as long as you like.

3. Return it to any of these locations and get your 5 Euro back!


1η Πάροδος Νικ. Θεοτόκη 3, Κέρκυρα

Ethniki Peleka, Κέρκυρα

Μαρίνα Γουβιών, Kontokali

Donzelot & Prosalendou, Κέρκυρα

Gilford 59, Corfu Town

Gouvia Marina, Kontokali

Μαρίνα Γουβιών, Kontokali

Erotokritou Moraiti 16, Κέρκυρα

About Corfu Cup

We’re a group of passionate volunteers, working to keep Corfu Island clean and beautiful.

Xenia Tombrou

Portrait of Xenia Tombrou, Project Manager for Corfu Cup
General Manager

Aias Varagoulis

Aias Varagoulis

Brian Pagán

Brian Pagán

Get in Touch

Would you like to join us? Or do you own / work at a café or restaurant on Corfu?

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